Chen Po Wei

網站:Cypherpunks Taiwan 密碼龐克


I am the administrator of Taiwan’s largest bitcoin Facebook community (more than 43,000 people).I started blockchain technology research in 2014 and entered the Academia Sinica in 2015 to do blockchain research.I have participated in four national science and technology projects.Since 2014, I have completed ten papers, four of which are IEEE international conferences, and two of them have won the best paper awards.In 2016, I studied at the Peking University Master’s Program and completed three years of study in two years.

Research Interest

  • Bitcoin
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency address generation
  • Cryptography
  • Firewall rules sniffing
  • Onion network


  • M.S.,Software engineering, Peking University, 2016.9-2018.7
  • B.S., Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Ming Chuan University, 2011.9-2016.7

Work Experience

  • Co-founder, Cypherpunks Taiwan 密碼龐克, 2019.01-present
  • Blockchain Researcher, Turing Chain, 2019.01-present
  • Technical Advisor, BlockTempo (the largest cryptocurrency media in Taiwan), 2018.09-present
  • Assistant, ROC Ministry of Science and Technology, 2018.01-2018.09
    • Lead peer researcher on AI experimentation in resolving obstacles on Industry 4.0
    • Research and survey BIP (multiple signature, HD wallet, and SegWit), Brain wallet attack, and discrepancy between different blockchains and Altcoins.
  • International Visiting Student, Academia Sinica Institute of Information Science, 2017.09-2018.02
    • Sniffing Fire-Wall rules
    • Devise Bitcoin Supervision System – using multiple signatures to deliver instant transactions, within 1.3 seconds completion.
  • Assistant, ROC Ministry of Science and Technology, 2016.03-2016.06
    • Selective research: advancing and optimizing Distributed System
  • Teaching Assistant-Operating system, Ming Chuan University, 2016.03-2016.06
  • Teaching Assistant-Probability and Statistics, Ming Chuan University, 2015.07-2015.09
  • Intern, Academia Sinica Institute of Information Science, 2015.07-2015.09
    • Performance improvement on “CMT-SCTP via load-balancing virtual connections”
  • Assistant, ROC Ministry of Science and Technology, 2014.07-2016.09
    • Research and optimize “Indoor Positioning (Bluetooth and WiFi)” algorithm
    • Executing the construction of “Motorcycle Accident Identification and Notification on Android Device”



  • Member, IEEE, USA, 2015.08-present
  • Member, IEEE Computer Society, USA, 2016.01-present
  • Member, IEEE Young Professionals, USA, 2016.01-present
  • Member, IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee, USA, 2017.08-present

Conference Papers

  • Liu Chia-Ruei, Chen Po-Wei, Yang Chao-Chun and Duan Li-Hua. “Monitoring Machine Tool Based On External Physical Characteristics Of The Machine Tool Using Machine Learning Algorithm.” First IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Industries ( IEEE AI4I 2018) .2018
  • Liu Chia-Ruei, Duan Huei-Yuan, Chen Po-Wei and Duan Li-Hua. “Improve Production Efficiency and Predict Machine Tool Status using Markov Chain and Hidden Markov Model.” The 8th International Conference On Computer Science and Information Technology ( CSIT2018) . 2018, IEEE Xplore
  • Jan-Ming Ho, Po-Wei Chen, Chia-Hui Wang. “Feasibility Study on Sniffering and Breakthrough of Firewall Rules behind Non-free Networks over Internet.”, 2018 International Conference for Leading and Young Computer Scientists (IC-LYCS) . 2018.
  • 陳伯韋、王家輝、何建明。 〈非自由網路的防火牆規則嗅探與突破的可行性探討〉。 《NCS 2017 全國計算機會議, 20180101》。國立東華大學(編)。臺灣:國立東華大學, 2018。356-361。 《華藝線上圖書館》。網路。 2018年2月11日。 doi:10.29428/9789860544169.201801.0068, 華藝線上圖書館
  • 江柏憲、陳伯韋、王家輝、何建明。 〈匿名加密貨幣與實名商家交易的有效行動支付監督平臺之建置與實作-以比特幣為例〉。 《TANET2017 臺灣網際網路研討會, 20171001》。東海大學(編)。臺灣:東海大學, 2017。1-6。 《華藝線上圖書館》。網路。 2018年2月11日。 doi:10.6728/TANET.201710.0001, TANET2017
  • Chen, Po-Wei, Bo-Sian Jiang, and Chia-Hui Wang. “Blockchain-based payment collection supervision system using pervasive Bitcoin digital wallet.” 2017 IEEE 13th International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob) . IEEE, 2017., IEEE Xplore
  • Po-Wei Chen, Bo-Sian Jiang, Tze-Huan Huang and Chia-Hui Wang, “The Design and Implementation of Motorcycle Accident Identification and Notification on Android Phone,” (in Chinses), Workshop of Information Technologies and Practices on International
  • Po-Wei Chen, Chia-Hui Wang, Jan-Ming Ho, “Study on the Security of Electronic Wallet of Digital Currency - Bitcoin Wallet as an Example,” (in Chinese), the 9th Cross-Strait Conference on Information Science and Technology, National Quemoy University, Kinmen, 06-08 November, 2015
  • Chen, Yu-Li, Po-Wei Chen, and Chia-Hui Wang. “Performance improvement for CMT-SCTP via load-balancing virtual connections.” Computing and Communication (IEMCON), 2015 International Conference and Workshop on. IEEE, 2015 ., IEEE Xplore

Involved projects

Referee for Journals


  • Best Paper Award, Taiwan Academic Network Conference (TANET 2017), 2017.10.25
  • Learning Excellence Award, Peking University School of Software and Microelectronics, 2017.10.09
  • Premium, Ming Chuan University graduation project, 2015.11
  • Creative Award, Tamkang University hackathon, 2015.03

Invited Talks

  • 加密貨幣(Cryptocurrency)挖礦原理和資安建議, 台灣大學 計算機中心, 2019.01.25
  • 比特幣運作原理概述, 花蓮.py/花蓮R, 2018.11.27
  • 加密貨幣的前世與今生, 北京大學 臺灣校友會, 2018.9.15
  • 北京大學, 銘傳大學, 資訊學院, 2018.9.14
  • 比特幣運作概述, 銘傳大學, 資訊工程學系, 2018.9.06-2018.9.07
  • 比特幣系統運作及應用, 河北工業大學, 經濟管理學院, 2018.6.20
  • Bitcoin vs Ethereum address, Taipei Ethereum Meetup, 2017.12.19


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